“You put your whole heart and soul into your concert. You gave generously of your musical talents and your enthusiasm and created a program that was uplifting to all. We could not have done it without your dedicated efforts, and we are deeply grateful. Music does indeed bring people together in a spirit of peace, harmony, and understanding. It reaches beyond different backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs, and that event reflected in a special way the universal ideals of the great peacemakers of this world.God love you",
Daya Mata
President of Self-Realization Fellowship   
“We are pleased to award the San Diego Symphony Orchestra a grant in the amount of $2000 from The San Diego Foundation. This grant is in honor of Beth Folsom and in memory of her daughter Dara, and in recognition of the Concert Beth played at the SRF temple in Encinitas.”
Congratulations to the San Diego Symphony on this grant award and thank you Beth, for your great work.

Bob Kelly
President and CEO